How to Design a Modern Style Room

Modern Style

How to beautify a room in a modern style? We’ll explain it to you. Speaking of living room designs in our homes, the modern style is the last thing that comes to mind. Usually, we imagine the interior design of a room with a fireplace. Yet if we dig deeper, there are many examples of modern style rooms that are perfect for our homes.

Below we present some modern room ideas. There are also ten tips that can be used to create a dream modern room. Plus how to create sensational combinations or fusion.

Modern Pop Style

This style is an adaptation of the pop art genre that emerged in England in the 1950s. Pop Art breaks the boundaries of art and focuses more on objects that you encounter every day. In interior design, this style accentuates color contrast and high innovation. Its characteristics consist of a unique, sharp design and rich use of bright colors. In addition, many use a visual dot or raster point element. So that makes ordinary interior designs extraordinary and colorful.

Contemporary Style

The characteristics of contemporary style include elegant, simple, and contemporary appearance. Apart from that, there are other characteristics including natural lighting, the use of neutral colors such as gray, brown, black, and white. In the use of materials usually made of natural materials, such as wood and finally given a simple decorative touch.

Modern Minimalist

This style is a way to get a sleek look in a room. Has the characteristics of precision, geometry, and minimalism. In addition, there are some elements of decoration, shape, and model of furniture that have been reduced so that the appearance of the room looks more elegant.

Modern Natural

This style is a combination of two concepts, namely the modern minimalist concept and the natural concept. This combination will create a beautiful and comfortable room atmosphere. In choosing materials such as floors, walls, and ceilings, they usually seem more natural. In addition, the color game in the room uses a combination of white, brown, cream, and soft colors. This style brings a natural concept to the room and looks contemporary.…