5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Kitchen remodeling is not just a matter of changing old designs into new designs. Applying kitchen renovation ideas is also not a problem to show off so that many people see that the kitchen that you have is a beautiful design. Then, what needs to be considered so that the renovations carried out produce optimal kitchens in terms of function, layout, and the aesthetics of the kitchen itself? Here are 6 tips for implementing the ideal kitchen remodeling idea

Change Wall and Cabinet Paint Color

The basic components that can affect the feel of a kitchen are wall paint and cabinets. The main appearance and mood of the kitchen itself will be influenced by these two things. You can choose a new color, or refinish a previously used color to make it brighter again.

Uniting the Kitchen with Other Rooms

One of the easiest ways to get a sense of space is to remove the dividing wall between the kitchen and other spaces. The kitchen can be made to blend with the dining room and family room without any distinguishing elements of physical dividers.

Change the appearance of the kitchen

Bored with the appearance of the kitchen at home? Try applying a ceramic mosaic, glass, or a combination of both in the area of ​​the wall between the upper and lower cabinets. If possible, take advantage of scrap materials or previous work.

Improve the Physical Quality of the Room

The physical quality of the room is related to the quality of lighting and air. Natural light is certainly the best choice for the room. However, if the land does not allow natural light, artificial lighting arrangements must be made to support kitchen activities. Apply a downlight to illuminate the work table.

Replacing or Adding Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves

One of the keys to a comfortable, neat, and easy to clean kitchen is to maximize storage space. Maximize the function of the cabinet by creating as much storage space as possible so that cooking utensils are not scattered on the kitchen table.…

Choose the Right Paint For Your Remodeling Project


A good home design cannot be separated from the choice of color, type, and quality of paint used to create an atmosphere that supports the function and purpose of the design. Good quality paint will determine the success of your remodeling project. Good quality paint must also be able to last a long time and not easily dull so that the quality of the space is maintained.

Many paint brands on the market claim to be of good quality, but how to choose the best from the ones that claim to be the best? How do you choose a quality paint that is elegant and suits your renovation needs? Find the answer in this article

Quality Paint Features

High-quality paints provide better coverage for a smoother surface and fewer hair cracks. Good quality paint provides better protection against changes in weather whether hot or rainy, dry or humid. In addition, good quality paint lasts longer and lasts long color quality. The application is also easier, so it saves processing costs.

Choice of Quality Paint Colors

There are many color choices available on the market. Providers have also provided guidelines for harmonious and contrasting color combinations that can make it easier for customers to make their choice. However, there are several color choices that must go through the color mixing process by the machine. High-quality paint when mixed will be replicated repeatedly accurately and consistently.

Choice of Quality Paint Type

Along with technological developments, various innovations are continuously being developed to improve the quality of paint as needed, both interior and exterior. Each type of paint is different for different types of applications.

To get an elegant quality paint, you have to go through a good process, starting from determining the atmosphere you want to display, the type and function of space, humidity, and the type of material and surface to be painted. A good process to create elegant high quality must be accompanied by a commitment to the use of high-quality standards, and consistent use of high-quality ingredients. Choose high-quality paint. Get high quality and durable finish…

Steps To Make Remodeling Less Expensive

Remodeling is tiring because it requires precision. There are stages that must be passed when we want to create a new home feel. This stage is not always the same from one house to another, depending on which part you want to change. However, this stage is still important to think about, because it will affect the number of home renovation costs that must be incurred. Not infrequently, wrong calculations and plans can make dream home projects fail.

Because the process of remodeling a house requires special attention, it’s best to record every step that must be taken. Decide which guidelines you want to follow and in order not to take the wrong steps, follow the steps of the home renovation process below.

Set a Project Budget

The next step when planning a home renovation is to determine a budget that should include costs for permits and building materials, labor costs, and the cost of decorating or other aesthetic touches.

Determine the Point of Remodeling

This step determines the estimated costs you will need later. This is because the scale of the renovations that will be carried out will be determined at this step. Determine the area of ​​the house that must be renovated, as well as the furniture that must be replaced. From here you can also determine whether a major renovation should be done, or just a small change is enough

Discussions with Contractors

Meeting directly with contractors is very important, where you can immediately get an overview and recommendations that exactly match their opinion then compare it with your calculations. In addition, you can also negotiate directly to avoid future losses. The thing to remember is not to be tempted by cheap offers because it is impossible for cheap contractors to use expensive and quality materials.

Create Details of Needs and Budget

The next step is to compile a detailed budget and requirements. Make clear details about what is needed, as well as how much it will cost or cost. If there is something you can do yourself, such as changing curtains or painting, then it’s better to do it yourself. Thus, you can save on artisan costs. Make sure you choose quality building materials. This is because if the material used is not durable, you will have to make repairs again.…